“But, I’m Too Busy!”


Excuses simply don’t cut it!  Your survival is at stake.

What’s your excuse?

Let’s fast forward here and assume you own or manage a business and have completed the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training.  You now know more about emergency planning than you ever wanted to know.  But now you do and there is no going back.

So in addition to having gained insight into the risks to your employees, coworkers and those of adjacent businesses, you can’t help but think about the consequences to their unprepared families . . . including your family and neighbors.  Here’s where your leadership comes into play.

The “Prudent Man Rule” applies at your business.

Developing a Disaster Response Plan and organizing a team in your business is one thing.  The stakes are high.  Statistics show that some 50% of businesses closed by a disaster never reopen.  The “Prudent Man Rule” dictates that you take steps
to protect your employees and your business.  (In fact, you may be liable if you don’t have a plan.)

Your leadership is required to motivate your neighborhood.

The next logical step is disaster planning for the home front and that means convincing neighbors that preparing for a possible disaster is a worthwhile endeavor.  You encounter excuses like: “I’m too busy,” or “Of cou

e I’ll help in an emergency, but I just don’t have time to play games” or some such.

The reality is that people who haven’t prepared and trained will most likely be unable to respond effectively and, in fact, they are more likely to become part of the problem rather than the solution.  How do you motivate people to get serious about planning for their own survival with only a vague idea of a possible disaster sometime in the future?

We don’t have all the answers, but we do have a lot of tools.  With the stakes being so high, we are committed to putting them all on the table for you . . . from emergency preparedness and first aid to communications and triage.

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Joe Krueger
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