CERT Meeting Ideas


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CERTpaperbackSince 2002 we’ve been putting on monthly CERT meetings for our neighborhood group. Month in, month out.

Holding interesting meetings is an essential part of building and maintaining a vibrant, committed group.  It isn’t easy. Every storm or small shaker helps to remind and re-motivate people . . . but that’s not what you count on!

I searched for good meeting ideas, but couldn’t find what I needed, so I was forced to call upon my marketing and event production experience, imagination and a lot of research. I’m happy to report our training has led to some real-life heroic actions by our group, and numerous awards.

This book was built from my notes of meetings we actually held.

The book starts with “successful meeting” guidelines. It then goes on to describe two-dozen basic activities, with . . .

–materials needed

There are 55 pages in all. Make slight variations to some of these ideas and you’ll use them again and again.


You can get the book right now, and use it for your next meeting, by clicking the button below.

Let me know how it goes!

CERT Meeting Ideas