Emergency Preparations for Older People


In our retirement community…

Everyone is 55 years of age, or older.  Some people are a LOT older than that, and they have some special needs, whether they know it or not.  Here’s what we have observed about older people, and why they may be extra vulnerable in an emergency.


Some of our neighbors have family close by, with children and grandchildren showing up regularly to celebrate holidays.  These families also help mom or dad make decisions about medical care, or hire maintenance contractors or take their parents’ car to be tuned-up from time to time. 

These older folks are lucky.  But they may also be used to handing off responsibility to someone else.  In an emergency, no one will be there to help make decisions!


Senior Couple

Seniors at a disadvantage in an emergency?

If you are older, are you ready to make life-and-death decisions for yourself?

If your parents are older,
are THEY ready to make life-and-death decisions for themselves?

A Sense of Entitlement

Living as we do near a fire station, and in a community where police services are excellent, we get to know our first responders by first name!  We see them frequently, and know they are great folks.  Naturally, we expect friendly and competent service to be available all the time.

In a big emergency, though, they tell us we will fall off the list so fast our heads will spin!  Schools, hospitals, jails, communications centers – all these will be much higher up on the list of priorities than a retirement community.

Have you fallen into the trap of expecting immediate response if you call 911?

Everyone, and particularly older people, needs to take a look at their needs and prepare for the most likely emergencies.  If you can take care of yourself, you can survive.  You may also even be able to assist others.  If you can’t take care of yourself, you become a problem for which there is no guaranteed solution. 

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