Emergency Tools are Critical to Survival


Bare hands won’t work.

Clearing roads, walkways and corridors, prying open locked or distorted doorways, freeing victims pinned beneath fallen debris and any number of crazy scenarios will require tools . . . all manner of them. From chain saws to crowbars, hammers and ropes, to ladders and fire extinguishers.

An Emergency Response Team would do well to have a list of who has what tools and where they are kept for access by team members.

But without power…?

But let’s not forget that electric tools may not be useful if the electric power is out.

Even battery-driven tools will have a limited useful life span if they can’t be re-charged.

Some communities and businesses address this problem by keeping gasoline or butane-powered generators to supply emergency power. Some homes and businesses have found ways to integrate solar power for supplementary power and backup. And power inverters can take the output of a 12-volt battery and convert it to 110 volt AC, but your power needs (in terms of amperage or watts) will likely exceed the output of most commonly available inverters.

And what about at night? 

And let’s not overlook the need to have lighting available. Being able to see is of course basic to the successful use of tools in an emergency, especially at night. Small flashlights are appropriate for getting around in the dark but may not provide adequate lighting for working in an emergency situation. Headlights from cars or trucks often suffice, but they may not be able to maneuver into position to be of help in all situations. There are large candlepower spotlights available that can overcome this challenge, but most people don’t have these on hand.

Action Item:  Start now to put together an inventory of what tools you have on hand, and what tools are available in the neighborhood.  Consider whether an auxiliary power source will be required for tools to be effective.

Joe Krueger
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team



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