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In about 15 minutes you can order a supply of basic emergency items and have them in your hands within just a couple of days!

Most of the items mentioned in our Advisories are things we actually own and have used. Even some of the most expensive pieces of equipment we’ve bought as a group purchase. In nearly every case, no matter where we bought things in the first place, we ended up discovering that Amazon had the same items at better prices!

That’s why we decided to become Affiliates with the program.  If we make a recommendation for a purchase, we usually connect you there. If you buy from our site, we may get a commission from Amazon, but of course your price won’t be affected.

Because we have made the decision to buy, we often share the process we went through. You can see the list of different comprehensive product reviews here.

But if you want to get started right away, run through the lists below and follow the links to the items you’re most interested in.

1- Top Ten Survival Items — Our most popular lists!

These lists have references and links to emergency radio, water, food, something to keep you warm, fire-starters, flashlights, gloves, multi-tools, and a first aid kit.

The first list focuses on inexpensive Starter Items. (Great for gifts!)

The second list is more complete, with something from every basic category. Check it out here.

2-Building your own 3-day (or longer) survival kit.

Get a copy of our new Workbook: Build Your Custom 3-Day Survival Kit for easy, step-by-step guidance. This booklet will help you create customized kits, starting with many items you already have at home.

3-Building a kit for the car?

Read this article first: Get home safely – A survival kit for commuters. It mentions many of the same items you’ll see in the top ten, but also includes some personal safety suggestions.

4-Serious Survival Stuff.

These Advisories take you to discussions of more expensive and more customized equipment. Find out more now, even if you aren’t quite ready to buy yet.

If you are looking for something particular, don’t hesitate to use the SEARCH BOX in the upper right corner. It’s possible, even likely, that we’ve written about it!