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My LifeStraw (and my hand!)

In about 15 minutes you can order a supply of basic emergency items and have them in your hands within two days from Amazon. If you buy from our site, we may get a commission from Amazon, but of course your price won’t be affected.

Many of these items have been reviewed here at Emergency Plan Guide. You can see the list of different product reviews here.

But if you want to get started right away, jump to the store at the bottom of the page to browse, or, if you looking to build a particular type of kit, take a look first at the different numbered paragraphs. They may point you the kit items you’re most interested in.

1- Our most popular list, particularly at Christmas time!

Top 10 Items for Your Survival Kits

2-Building your own 3-day (or longer) survival kit.

Get a copy of our new Workbook: Build Your Custom 3-Day Survival Kit for easy, step-by-step guidance. See what you can assemble from what you already have at home. We find that most everybody has some of the basics — there’s no need to waste money on getting more if you don’t need them.

Then scroll down this page and check out our store. You can get what you’re missing by ordering all at one time! From time to time we find items at better prices than at Amazon, but not often. If we do find a special deal, we’ll let you know via a special post right here.

Note for item on page 2: We often find the best price for Techlite LED flashlights at Costco. If you have a store near you, look there first. But if you don’t have a Costco, buy here. These are great flashlights!

3-Building a kit for the car?

Jump over to our special commuter store. Some of the same items as here, but also some security pieces you may be interested in.

Get started getting the stuff you need now!