Survival Gear Starter Items

Guess what?!  When it comes to survival gear, once you get your first item, you will find it easy to keep adding to the collection!

The challenge is to get started!

So here are some ideas for starter items — small, relatively inexpensive, cool, fun! Fun to receive as gifts and even play with, and, at the same time, valuable additions for a personal survival kit.

Get one of each for everyone on your list, or a variety to hand out as presents or stuff into Christmas stockings.

I decided to put them all together in a Survival Gear Starter Item Store from Amazon. Clicking on the photos will take you there for all the details and review, so you can compare and combine items to get the best possible pricing plus free shipping.  (Shop carefully: Some items may be on a surprise sale; others may not be eligible for free shipping.)  And the obligatory reminder when it comes to Amazon: when you buy from our store, we may receive a small commission. Your price isn’t affected.

Have fun shopping — and know that you are taking an important first step toward preparedness!