The Magic Space Blanket — Quiz for Today


First question: Have you actually unfolded your space blanket?

How big is it? How sturdy? How slippery? How shiny?

(I am assuming you have at least one blanket in your survival kit. Hey, it’s the middle of winter!)

Mylar space blanket

Easy and light to pack

Mylar blankets were not really on my radar before I started designing our personal survival kits. Since then, I’ve discovered just how great they are!

Can you list six things your blanket can do for you in an emergency?

1. HEAT. Wrap up someone who’s injured; turn into a sleeping bag of sorts to make it through a cold night outdoors. Use as insulation over a window to keep heat in and cold out.

2. COOK. Yes, that’s right! According to one manufacturer, you could fashion a bucket shape out of your Mylar blanket and hold it over the fire to heat water. You could put food in there to heat, too. Of course, don’t get the blanket IN the fire, because it will burn up.

3. COLLECT WATER. Use your blanket to capture rain or melt snow.

4. WATERPROOFING. Line your backpack and your boots with Mylar; wrap it around feet and legs to keep out the damp from snow. Build a lean-to to keep off the rain.

5. STORE FOOD. Hang food in a Mylar package to keep it out of reach of animals. Keep food cold by sinking it in the creek in a carefully sealed Mylar bag.

6. SIGNAL FOR HELP. Turn your blanket into a mirror to reflect light. Use torn off pieces to mark your trail.

If you wanted to do all these, then obviously you’d have to have more than one blanket.

Last question: How much do they cost?

The VERY GOOD NEWS – Space blankets are amazingly inexpensive! The blankets in my store cost LESS THAN $5 FOR A PACKAGE OF FOUR!

Here’s the link to the store; check it out.

These are such a good deal – so small, so light, so easily packed, so useful – that if you don’t have all you need, buy ‘em now.

A couple of 4-Packs makes a great gift, too.


P.S. If you were picturing all these different uses, I’m sure you had another important emergency item in mind: duct tape! I dropped a couple of versions into the store to help you out. Look for them on page 2!



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4 Responses to “The Magic Space Blanket — Quiz for Today”

  1. Russ Flanigan Says:

    Wow so cheap…we don’t have any yet

  2. Commander Says:

    Buy ’em at my store! Here’s the link again: Emergency Supplies Store.

  3. Katie Says:

    What is it made out of?

  4. Commander Says:

    Hi, Katie. From what I know, the “space blankets” are made of a very thin film of polyester that has aluminum coating on one side to make it reflective. The word “Mylar” is actually a trademark of Dupont, the company that developed the process. Mylar is also used to package food and for insulation.

    From a survival standpoint, you want to turn your blanket into a sealed reflector that reflects your body heat back to you. The blanket alone won’t heat you at all, because it is so thin. But if you wrap it loosely around yourself — and you’re dressed or have stuffed something between you and the silver side of the blanket — and you seal it with tape, then you’ll be able to take advantage of its reflective capabilities.

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