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You’re sheltering in place. . .

Let’s say that you have a store of canned goods (think chili, corn, etc.) and you now find yourself faced with sheltering in place following a major calamity. You’ve already established that there is no electricity and that there is no longer a danger of leaking natural gas in your neighborhood.

Simple Campstove

Butane-powered camp stove – convenient, safe.

Eating cold chili and corn may be necessary for survival, but what if you could heat them,and have the ability to heat water tor coffee, or washing dishes?  A camp stove, operating on butane, may be the answer.

Home Depot beckons.

A short tour through Home Depot or Lowe’s will expose you to some elaborate (and expensive . . . up to $1,000 or more!) “barbecue” consoles, powered by either natural gas or butane.  They will look inviting. But, the luxury they represent may be a bit too lavish and inflexible for your needs.

Consider a small camp stove.

In reality, a simple camp stove – or even table-side cook stoves you find in Asian restaurants – can be perfectly adequate.  Butane canisters that fuel these stoves are easy to store and transport.  And you can take the entire stove and canister with you if you’re pooling with other people in your neighborhood.

Remember, survival for some uncertain period of time is your goal. Supporting some elaborate cooking apparatus (think cleaning while water may be at a premium) could be draining your energy and resources needed for other activities.

Joe Krueger
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

P.S. We’ve actually done a review of different camping stoves. Check it out for a better idea of what’s available and what might be best for you and your family.

P.S.S. Getting a stove and storing it — WITHOUT EVER TRYING IT OUT — isn’t the best idea!  You’ll want to know how to insert the fuel cartridge, how to adjust the flame, how long it will last — and what sort of pot or pan you’ll need for that size burner!




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