Survival Kit Shopping List


Basic Survival Gear You’re Not Likely To Have In the House

Here’s our list of basic survival items that we have searched out and purchased specifically for this purpose. Naturally, our complete list is much, much longer, and has many things on it that we already have here at home.

But these seven items are ones we didn’t have. We searched them out and bought them to be sure we’ll have them when we need them.

Take a look at this list and then head over to our Emergency Supplies Store where you can order for yourself, all at once, saving time and money. As you will see, these are items offered by Amazon, where we think you’ll get the best prices and, if you spend over $25, free shipping.

1. Emergency Radio

If you already have an emergency radio, great. But if you don’t, or if you need a couple more, look for these features:

  • Hand-crank so it never runs out of juice
  • Solar power to back-up its batteries
  • AM/FM and Weather Alerts
  • Bright light
  • Small and sturdy, easily packable
  • Can connect to and charge a smartphone or computer

You can see our reviews of the best emergency radios, here.

2. Glow Lights

We have emergency lights inside and out, with flashlights in nearly every room. But for your emergency supplies kit, consider glow sticks. They’re light, small, and store indefinitely without running out of juice. You can put one down in the middle of a dark room to light it up enough to move safely, or outside to notify someone of where you are. The Cyalume glow sticks last about 12 hours.

3. Small and Essential – a Fire Starter

Don’t smoke? Good for you. But that means you may not have matches or a lighter anywhere in the house, and certainly not in the car! So consider getting a magnesium fire starter. Inexpensive, safe, reliable. A no-brainer, perfect to tuck into your emergency supplies kit.

4. Basic Multi-Purpose Tool

Naturally, your list of “tools” starts with duct tape. We assume you have a roll or two already! But for your emergency kit consider a compact, versatile all-in-one utility tool like those made (in the USA) by Weatherman. Our choice, the Wingman, clips to your belt. The next size up, the Sidekick, has a saw in addition to the other tools. Either way, don’t waste your money on a cheap multi-purpose tool.

5. Space Blanket

Another inexpensive and terribly effective item that you are not likely to have at home! Mylar space blankets are waterproof and can serve as a temporary tent. They’re thin and not too tough, and come several to a package. You can get them as “tubes” to serve as sleeping bags, too.

6. Water Purification Tube

We write at length about the amount of water you will need to carry you through. What you can do about this depends on space available, etc. But all of us will be safer if we have a way to purify water we find after our stash runs out. This “drinking straw” water purifier is a great addition, and now there’s a water bottle with built-in filter.

7. Paracord

This is handy, strong, slim nylon rope that could be used and then reused for anything: lashing up a tent, tying something to your pack, holding a door open. With some cord and some duct tape you can fix just about anything!


OK, see anything you could use? Here’s the direct link to our convenience store, for more info and the best prices we’ve found.







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2 Responses to “Survival Kit Shopping List”

  1. Lilah Says:

    That radio looks like the perfect item to add to my survival kit. Very impressed that it can charge a smart phone. Brilliant idea!

  2. commander Says:

    We have more than one, and charge a different one every so often by just putting it on the windowsill. The best part about this radio is it’s so very neat and easy to pack!