Will Your Business Survive

Business Survival Survey

Recent hurricanes have devastated thousands of homes and businesses. Whether you own a business or work in one, a disaster can destroy not only your investment but also your income stream.

Businesses that are prepared stand a MUCH better chance of survival, so the question is, how prepared is the place where YOU work? How does it compare?

Please take our 10-question survey from SurveyMonkey.  2 minutes max.  To start the survey, just pull down the right-hand bar of the form. As soon as you’ve answered the first question, the next will pop up.

I promise your eyes will be opened . . .!

Thank you!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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Results of the survey will be confidential (i.e., aggregate numbers only). But if you want to see how you compare with others, please sign up for our Advisories below so you get the report as soon as it comes out.

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