Emergency Equipment Update

Radio Reset

Remove battery. Use paper clip to press reset button in tiny hole.

This isn’t exactly a recall notice, but, like everything else, emergency equipment gets old, and newer and better versions come online.

Here are a couple of things we’ve noticed about our emergency radios.

Our emergency radios have experienced some glitches.

First, let me be clear that our favorite emergency radio is still the same one: The Ambient Weather Adventurer. We have several of them (one in each emergency supplies kit), the most recent one purchased earlier this year. No emergency radio is perfect, but this one is useful and reliable and feels really good in your hand.

Two updates to our favorite emergency radio.

  • First, the newest version comes with cables, and can be purchased either with or without an AC adapter.  I definitely recommend getting the adapter.   Even though the radio has a solar cell built into the top, in our experience you need every power option available.
  • Second, when we opened the box of our newest one, it didn’t turn on. No lights. No clicks. No nothing!I was so disappointed, but we had had such good luck before that I went online to find out what was wrong. On the Ambient Weather website I found the Users’ Guide, read through it carefully, and VOILA. In the Troubleshooting section I discovered the solution for a radio that is LOCKED UP.

Check out the photo.  It shows me using a paperclip to hit the RESET button! Did it, and everything went right back to the way I expected!  Hooray.

One radio has been removed from our list.

I update the radio reviews from time to time. I discovered that one of the radios we own has been discontinued altogether.

Now I don’t know exactly why they removed it, but here’s why I took it off OUR list — it has gotten STICKY!  Yes, the rubberized surface of the Eton FR-300 has changed from being a nice, non-stick surface to an unpleasant sticky one.  (This same thing happened to some of our emergency radios, too.)  So, while the lights still work (I’m testing them right now as I write this.), the radio has been removed from our Review Page and replaced with a new, non-sticky version.

Our Emergency Radio Reviews page has been updated.

If you are still in the market for emergency equipment, a crank/solar powered radio should be at the top of your list. Check out our radio review page to see what features  you should be looking for, and from there, click to get to Amazon where you can shop for the best deal.

I’d love to get your feedback on YOUR experience with emergency radios!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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2 Responses to “Emergency Equipment Update”

  1. Russ Says:

    I like this diligence…thank you… and want to remind all that the extra batteries and occasionally rotating in fresh batteries (to avoid acid spillage/formation) is important for all my battery operated gear

  2. Commander Says:

    The Users Guide says remove the batteries if you are going to store the radio, unused, for a long time. Or re-insert the plastic tab that is in there when the radio arrives new.

    In our neighborhood group we replace our emergency radio batteries twice a year, when we change the clock. Same with the smoke alarm batteries!