Camping even in comfort can count as preparing for emergencies!

Woman relaxing in hammock in the woods
Take some time for yourself . . .

Ready to go camping? Ready to escape from the 4 walls and pinging electronic devices? Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get from practicing time-tested camping skills — that also do double duty as emergency preparedness. You can have it all with the help of a few of these items, selected to be among our top 10 items for camping in comfort.

You’ll see right away that these top-10 items are for committed and maybe not-so-committed campers. Or, to put it another way, this is stuff I wish I had had on past years’ camping trips! Some are distinctly for women – which makes them even more desirable!

Enjoy the shopping, and get ready for great outdoor trips! Click images or links to check current prices at Amazon, where we are Associates and may get a small commission if you buy through one of these links.

Your own Swiss Army knife.

Victorinox Swiss Army Fieldmaster Pocket Knife, Red,91mm

My dad always carried a pocket knife. So does Joe, and I have a purse-sized knife, too. We all love Swiss Army knives, made by Victorinox. Victorinox makes more than 300 models of knife, with dozens of tool combinations. This classic model has 15 functions, everything you would need for a weekend camping trip. (Probably too heavy to carry in your pocket, perfect for your backpack.) Of course, there are smaller versions and then the huge one with something like 70 functions! Whatever, you need your own!

P.S. This is probably one of the VERY FEW Amazon products I have seen that gets a 5 full stars rating!

And when you arrive at your campsite, why make it tough on yourself?

Relax in your own, oversize folding chair that has lumbar support and storage space galore: cooler bag, cup holder and side pocket. Of course, we have all managed at the rough wood picnic table, or balanced on a log around the fire, but hey! We’re grown-ups now! Of course, this chair isn’t one you’ll trek into the wilderness with. We’re talking car camping here.

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair with Lumbar Back Support, Oversized Padded Lawn Chair Folding Quad Arm Chair with Cooler Bag, Cup Holder & Side Pocket, Supports 400lbs, Grey, XXL

Another comfy item that I have longed for often . . .

and not just when camping! I’ve wanted one of these when biking to work, at sporting events, sometimes just when taking a walk around the block.

Don’t immediately recognize the image? It’s a BUFF – a stretchy tube made of merino wool that you can pull down around your neck, pull up as a temporary face mask, pile up on your head as a hat — use however you want to offset the chill! This one is medium-weight; they also come in lightweight, and, of course, many other colors and patterns. Totally chic, totally perfect. (Click on the image and jump over to Amazon to see all the different styles! They are fun!)

Cold feet? That’s another story. But here’s something for cold fingers!

Another easily packable luxury – hand warmers! Their heat lasts for hours! Just hold them in your bare hands, or slip them into your gloves. (Each warmer is just a couple of inches square, about 1/4 inch thick – like a muscular tea bag.) Pop ‘em into your pack, carry a few in the glove compartment. The image shows two 10-packs; there are larger packs, too, which we buy because my hands get cold easily.

HotHands Hand Warmers – Long Lasting Safe Natural Odorless Air Activated Warmers – Up to 10 Hours of Heat – 20 Pair Value Pack

And now, for the ultimate in warmth . . .!

Wrap yourself up in a gorgeous Rumple down comforter. Add it to the folding chair, use it to supplement your sleeping bag. Whatever works — it’s washable!  And the Rumple patterns are really attractive. This image clearly shows the interesting stitch pattern; other versions are available in different color schemes, for 1 or 2 people. Packs really compactly into its own waterproof stuff sack. This is real luxury – when we talk about camping in comfort, we mean having stuff like this comforter ready when we want it!.

Rumpl The Original Puffy | Printed Outdoor Camping Blanket for Traveling, Picnics, Beach Trips, Concerts | Deepwater, 1-Person

Try an altogether new sleeping experience.

Use your comforter as part of this “sleeping experience,” too!  It’s a hammock! Honestly, I’ve never been in one myself, but my daughter has. Read the details of this version. It has what it calls “unique asymmetrical construction” that gives you an amazingly flat sleep. Plus space for inflatable sleeping pad, storage pockets — and netting to keep the bugs out! That alone could be the deal-maker.

Hammock Bliss Sky Bed Bug Free – Insect Free Hanging Tent That Hangs Like A Hammock But Sleeps Like A Bed – Unique Asymmetrical Design Creates An Amazing Lay Flat Camping Hammock Sleeping Experience

Hardy outdoors folks may not need privacy, but we’re talking camping in comfort, here!

Even good campgrounds may not feature attractive bathroom or shower facilities. Even when they are clean, they are often damp and smelly. You may find that a personal, pop-up privacy tent would make your weekend a whole lot more pleasant. This tent is an example, with windows for ventilation, hooks for hanging towels, etc. Now the tent comes “empty,” so you’d have to add your own portable toilet and portable toilet bags, or your own solar shower bag.

Green Elephant Camping Shower Tent – Privacy Tent for Portable Toilet & for a Portable Shower, Extra Tall, Spacious Pop Up Changing Tent.

Click on the image, and when you get to Amazon, take a look at the companion portable toilet and companion portable toilet bags shown on the sales page.

Add a solar shower for getting rid of dust and sand!

This solar-heated shower might be the perfect addition to your privacy tent! Now, don’t expect to be able to figure out the tent and the shower while standing in the middle of the campground. Take the time BEFORE you head out to watch a couple of videos and read some of the helpful reviews! Once people have these things figured out, they seem to really like them!

KIPIDA Solar Shower Bag,5 gallons/20L Solar Heating Camping Shower Bag with Removable Hose and On-Off Switchable Shower Head for Camping Beach Swimming Outdoor Traveling Hiking (Green)

Get the fire going with ease.

Serious campers these days use electronic lighters to start the campfire. Why not?? Works in the wind and rain, totally reliable technology. Now, this item may be a bit over the top, but I HATE not being able to get the fire started!

Lighter, Electric Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable Lighter Windproof Flameless Lighter Plasma Lighter with Battery Indicator (Upgraded) for Fire, Cigarette, Candle – Outdoors Indoors (Bright-Black)

Camping in comfort includes comfortable day-trips.

If you plan to head out on day trips, and want to stay connected to your phone and tablet, you really need a solar backpack! This one has room for your gear, gets great reviews for comfort, and is waterproof! It’s called a Converter Solar Backpack Charger — and is made by Voltaic systems.

So, what are your plans for camping trips? Close to home? Into the desert or into the mountains? Side trip to the beach? Lots of young people along, or just adults? Enjoy shopping for the tools and equipment that will turn your trip from pure training into at least a partial vacation. You deserve it!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. Every one of these items could be a great gift. Take another look. Who do you know that might really appreciate your thoughtfulness at picking this out “just for me?!”