Over the past couple of years we’ve seen so many heart-warming examples of how important neighbors can be in an emergency — launching boats, helping make calls to frantic family members, feeding hungry pandemic victims – the list goes on.  How will YOUR neighbors respond if another disaster hits?

The Neighborhood Disaster Survival Guide Series

Survival Series

A blueprint for building a stronger neighborhood.

Each book begins by looking at your community in depth. Then, we guide you step-by-step in building a Neighborhood Emergency Response Group that includes Community Emergency Response Team or CERT-trained neighbors as well as people with no formal training. That’s not something accomplished overnight – we’ve been at it for 18 years! But there’s a big payoff for everyone involved. and ultimately, prepared neighbors can save lives.

Pick your neighborhood or get the whole collection and share with people you care about. Available at Amazon, in digital or paperback form. Just click on the links below to go directly to Amazon.

New – Companion WORKBOOKS for each of our community books! They make it easier and faster to get started — and get results. Read about the entire collection here.

Looking for a bit more info on neighborhood disaster survival? Keep reading . . .

You may find talking about disasters to be difficult. Certainly, we have! But if you’ve read this far, you are past that initial uncertainty. In fact, you probably have questions like the ones that follow . . .!

“I’ve been meaning to spend more time on pulling together my emergency supplies. How will a book on neighborhood disaster survival help?”

Part One of each book is devoted to selecting and organizing your personal and family emergency supplies. (You’ll probably find most of this very familiar — but you may have overlooked one or two things!) And there’s a comprehensive Emergency Supplies List in the Appendix. In fact, there are 3 such lists, because we find that one just isn’t sufficient!

“I’m not sure how I would go about talking to neighbors — some of whom I don’t even know!”

Always a challenge! But “Making sure your loved ones are safe” is a message that appeals to nearly everyone. Start with that!

The key, though, is to get the credibility you need by taking free CERT (Community Emergency Preparedness Team) training. CERT is what started our team off, and what has helped keep it going year after year.

Your neighborhood, of course, is unique. So you’ll welcome the detailed step-by-step process of building a team to suit YOUR neighborhood. Over time, your team members will find out all the “behind the scenes” facts about the location, buildings, property management, utility infrastructure, likely threats . . . you name it! Pick and choose from many suggestions so your activities fit your team’s needs and interests.

We also include a whole chapter on recruiting, based on years of being active volunteers ourselves. Working together gives every member of the group what may be a rare sense of satisfaction, and the comfort of knowing your family will be able to count on neighbors even if you aren’t there.

“Do we really need a written disaster survival plan for our neighborhood?”

Neighbors come and go. If you want to keep your program going for more than just a few months, you’ll need some written guidelines. Part Three of the books lays out a sample table of contents for your plan, and makes suggestions about how to get it completed.  And updated!

A written plan works also wonders when you are looking for speakers, for insurance coverage, and for financial assistance.

“Sounds like a lot of work!”

What’s your family worth? What’s your home worth? What’s peace of mind worth?  There are no guarantees here, but what we know is that

Whatever preparing and planning you do in advance gives you a better chance of making it through. Counting on “the authorities” just doesn’t doesn’t make sense.

Here are the books:

Don’t put off getting this valuable info. Share it with the people around you. The more prepared we all are, the safer we all will be!

Thank you.

Virginia Nicols

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