Five Hazard Signs — A Quiz


We’ve all seen every one of these signs, whether in “real life,” on the pages of a magazine or on a movie screen. Several of them are self-explanatory, but others may be less familiar to our family or neighbors.

Use this quiz to refresh your memory and to start a discussion of what dangers might be present in your local neighborhood or in your region.

Match the description to the sign!

five hazard signs

Radiation. This sign warns of emissions of dangerous levels of radiant energy (electromagnetic waves, sound) and also of emissions of particles and gamma rays emitted in nuclear decay.

Poison. This sign may appear on something as small as a bottle of chemicals or medicine, or along the roadside.

Biohazard. Typically found on containers holding contaminated materials, also at entrances to work areas where infectious materials may be present.

Blasting. People entering a blasting zone must be warned by proper signage, guards or redirection of traffic. The blasting zone extends beyond the blast area itself.

Electrical current. Injuries from electrical shocks depend upon many factors, including the type and strength of the current, where it enters the body and the path it travels, and how long it flows.

What other signs do you see regularly that warn of danger in your environment?

Action item:  Test your family and neighbors using this article!  It will be a great conversation starter.


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  1. Russ Flanigan Says:

    Well I guess I didn’t know the biohazard