Here are two simple quizzes, 10 questions in all.

If you think you’re pretty well prepared for emergencies, you can answer every question without hesitation.

CheckmarkBut based on my experience, you may not find it that easy!  Check ’em out!

Save your business!

  1. What’s the most likely emergency to happen to your business here in Southern California?
  2. If a disaster hits at work, who should you think of first?
  3. If your business is shut down by a disaster, what are the chances of it never re-opening? ______%
  4. In a widespread disaster, how long will it take FEMA to get here?
  5. If your work is shut down by a disaster, will you continue to get paid?

Save your family!

  1. If your work is shut down by a disaster, will you continue to get paid?
  2. What is the cause of most fires that kill people?
  3. Where will your children be taken if their school is evacuated?
  4. What’s the phone number of your out-of-town emergency contact? Can you recite it by heart? What about your kids?
  5. Do you take any medicines? Do you have enough extra medicine with you right now to last at least 3 days?

These questions were prepared for attendees at a Business Expo. 

They could just as well be used for your neighborhood group, or at a lunch meeting at work. Feel free to use them any way you like, since they are designed to jolt people out of being complaisant.  (Remember, our tagline at the Business Expo was: “Who do you think you’re kidding?!”)

Oh, and if you would like the answers, here they are, as prepared for our friends at that Expo!

Who do you think you’re kidding?


Your Emergency Plan Guide Team