Workbook - a Companion to Emergency Preparedness for Homeowner Communities
Now, a Companion to the book!

Here are questions I’ve received as I’ve announced the book and its companion workbook. You may have the same questions!

“After all that work to write the book, why did you decide to add a companion workbook?”

Thanks for acknowledging the work that went into the book. Actually, it wasn’t the writing of the book that was hard, it was the 20+ years of experiences that we had to go through to gather all that info!

Adding the workbook wasn’t an afterthought – it was more like a continuation of my effort to get people to take action for preparedness. I expect there will be more companions to come!

“What makes the workbook different from the book?”

I tried to cover the whole spectrum of preparedness in the book: (1) building up your personal awareness and your personal emergency supplies, (2) sharing the info with your neighbors and getting them involved, and finally, (3) working to build an actual community PLAN. Plus I added resources in a number of places. It’s a whole lot of info!

The workbook has a different purpose – that is, to narrow the focus after looking at all the options.  

“How does the workbook narrow the focus?”

I decided to call on my background as a teacher and trainer and use questions: one after another. Each time you answer a question, you get closer to understanding exactly what you need.

And I also incorporated written answers. Now, I use the computer for nearly everything, but haven’t you noticed, that when you sit down to handwrite something it comes out different, and often better? Imagine a thank-you note – the handwritten version has a much stronger impact that something typed.  I applied the same reasoning for the workbook, leaving room for you to write your answers and comments.

“What’s the best way to use the workbook?”

The companion workbook follows the same flow of content as the book. My suggestion is to read the book first, and then pick up the workbook and get started.  You can do the workbook page by page or section by section, at your own pace. Each section is pretty much stand-alone, although you may be referred back to the book from time to time.

Here is what the pages look like, with checklists and questions and spaces for answers:

Pages are 8 1/2 x 11 inches in size.

If you are working with a group, you might consider getting a workbook for each member so that you can compare written answers and set priorities that make sense for all.

“Will you be updating the book or workbook?”

Our plan is to continue to add information to all our books as we get it – and as the world of preparedness changes, which it does all the time! Almost always, I start by developing a new Advisory (or two) at the website, so if you sign up here you will get new information on a regular basis!

Also, I invite you and all our friends to suggest topics for new Advisories and, for that matter, for new books. After all, nearly everyone sees something in every book that inspires them to comment — and that can become the next topic for discussion!

Here are the direct links to Amazon so you can get the book and its companion workbook.
Emergency Preparedness for Homeowner Communities
THE WORKBOOK for Homeowner Communities

Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

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