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IRVINE, CA, July 10, 2018

Just published: Emergency Preparedness for Small Business, The book that closes the gap in disaster survival between a business and its family communities. 4th book in series

No longer do small businesses have to put their business, their lives and their employees’ lives — and livelihood — at high risk in a catastrophic event. Emergency Preparedness for Small Business makes writing a simple Business Continuity Plan manageable and even easy. And we know that having that up-to-date, workable Plan improves the odds of survival by an order of magnitude.

There’s no excuse for simply rolling the dice in an emergency. Now you can prepare for the natural disasters that threaten, as well as the even-more-frequent man-made ones – including potential lawsuits for NOT having prepared! It’s all here — complete instructions, guidelines and references to dozens and dozens of resources.

This fourth book in the Neighborhood Disaster Survival Guide series has one unique purpose — to get business owners and leaders of their workforce community to adopt the widely acclaimed FEMA Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) process. CERT is provided free by over 2,500 cities and counties across the U.S. as well as on the FEMA website.

Emergency Preparedness for Small Business describes why and how to build on CERT basics to include all aspects of the business. The message to employers . . .

In a real emergency that threatens your business, you, your employees and their loved ones are all in it together. In fact, your disaster impacts other members of the working community too – your suppliers, other local businesses and institutions. Everyone’s future is on the line.

Is this all a business owner needs to complete a plan? For most small companies in a wide range of professional and/or light industry categories, the answer is, “Yes.” The step by step, do-it-yourself approach works for nearly everyone. And, for those with more specialized requirements, they will find links to them in the Appendix.

No more need to procrastinate! Whether you plan to bring on a consultant or start by writing your plan yourself, this valuable book is the place to start. Get it at Amazon’s Kindle store or in paperback at Amazon Books.