“What shall we do for our next meeting?”

Surely you’ve asked yourself that question from time to time? We have — since about 2002 when we started putting on monthly meetings here in our neighborhood!

Holding interesting meetings is essential to building and maintaining a vibrant committed emergency response group. But it isn’t easy — and you can’t always count on a storm or small earthquake to help!

Where to get help?

When I started volunteering with our group, I searched for good meeting ideas but all I could find were official FEMA documents aimed at CERT groups. Our group has some CERT trained people, but many who haven’t had the training. I needed activities that didn’t require that background.

I couldn’t find a single resource!

Had to call on my own experience.

I was forced to call on my own marketing and event production experience, my imagination, and a lot of research. It worked! I’ve organized literally dozens of meetings over the years . . . and those experiences helped us win several awards from our city.

But the need still exists so I figured it was time to put some of our group’s history onto paper to help others. And so you have . . .

Meeting Ideas for Neighborhood Emergency Response Groups!

Meeting Planner Page

The workbook has over 100 pages of meeting suggestions. Yes, 21 separate agenda ideas (3-4 pages of details on each), with sample checklists, quizzes, etc.

Along the way there are hundreds of tips, ways to customize a meeting, incorporate group members, find guest speakers, set up a room, etc.

And I’ve included a full size Meeting Planner Page after every activity so you can get started immediately. (A key feature of the Planner Page is a column for assigning responsibilities to other members of your group. That’s where “engage” comes in!)

The workbook is available as a paperback at Amazon.

Order now and you’ll have your book in your hands in time for your next meeting! Just click on the link below . . .

Emergency Preparedness Meeting Ideas: 21 Activities to Engage & Inspire Your Neighborhood Volunteers (Survival Guide Series)

And please write a review and let us know how it works for you!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team