Get an Emergency Kit!


Tell the truth.  Do you agree that an Emergency Kit is a good idea?

Do you need one for the car/s as well as for the house?  Do you need one at work as well as at home?  Do you need to protect all the members of your houslehold in an emergency and not just a few?

All reasonable people must answer YES!

So putting together an emergency kit makes sense …

But it’s just not simple!

Emergency supplies

Kits packed and ready to go!

First, you have to pull together a list of what is needed. That list starts with basics: water and food. From there, it varies quite a bit depending on where you live, the make-up of your family, your commute patterns, etc.

Second, you have to shop for and/or assemble all the items on the list. This may take several days or even weeks, depending on how much stuff is required and how much money you will have to devote to this action. Many people build a plan and then lay out a purchase schedule to fit their budget.

Third, you need to get the right size container for each kit. The family kit is likely to be the largest; car kits, smaller. A child’s kit, smaller yet.  A workplace kit could be much larger, depending on how many people it is meant to serve. Of course, your kits need to be manageable; a backpack or rolling cart seems to be the favorite container.

Can you do all this? Of course! But will you?

If you haven’t done it up ‘til now, what would make a difference for you?

Consider this game-changer: Invest in a ready-made kit!

Then, improve it or personalize it as you go.

Yes, there’s an upfront cost, and it may be more than you would like. And yes, you could probably save money by assembling the kit on your own. But frankly, if you value your time at, say, $20/hr. you will save money by simply taking action now to buy a ready-made kit!

So consider getting a kit without further delay.

Five popular kits compared.

We have taken our time to look closely at five of the best-selling family kits on the market. We compare them as regards to contents, quality and price.

  • We start with the “basic” list of necessities, and note extras that some kits include.
  • Quality is sometimes not the best because these providers are competing on price. But some kits are better than others, and we’ll point that out.
  • Price ranges from $50 to $250 for a kit. Mostly the price depends on how many people the kit is meant for.

In our estimation, it doesn’t matter whether any given kit is perfect. What’s important is to have one for basic necessities, and then improve upon it when you can.

No more excuses.

If you haven’t put together your kit by now, you’re not going to…so be realistic! “I had it on my list of things to do…!” or “I was just trying to save money!” will be weak excuses when your family looks to you for help.

Check out our review of the Best Emergency Kits right now, pick the one that’s best for you, and get it. You will have taken a big step toward sensible preparedness.

Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

When you buy your kit, let us and all our readers know what you got and how you found it, OK?? We appreciate your feedback!


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