Living in a mobile home park has its advantages. One: it’s a perfect place for building a strong community preparedness culture. But it takes time and effort. This new book duo is aimed at jump-starting and simplifying the process!

Emergency Preparedness for Mobilehome Park Communities

Emergency Preparedness for Mobilehome Communities was my first book on the topic.

Based on my own years of experience, it covers many aspects of preparedness in a mobilehome park. It starts with (1) personal readiness, moves to (2) getting more neighbors involved, and then to (3) actually putting together a written plan. Appendices cover threats, ideas for recruiting neighbors, legal cautions, training, and options for emergency communications. Throughout I’ve listed additional resources.

People liked the original book, but admitted to me that there was still too much for them to get their arms around! They needed a jump start!
As a result, I wrote THE WORKBOOK.

THE WORKBOOK is a companion.

It follows the same content flow as the book, but is truly a workbook, just as you’d expect. It has simple questions, and spaces for you to write your answers. Step by step, you’ll be taking action . . .

  • Answering questions to help set personal priorities
  • Researching what planning has already been done
  • Making sure park management is on board
  • Finding and inviting interested neighbors
  • Getting training for yourself and your team
  • Learning about park infrastructure, utilities, etc.
  • Picking which disasters to plan for
  • Meeting the First Responders that serve your community
  • Planning and holding preparedness meetings for all your park neighbors

The Q&A format of THE WORKBOOK gets you started. Then it moves you and your group forward by simple steps on your own time frame. Many of the questions make it easy to engage others in your family or group.

Unique to the WORKBOOK: One-page Neighborhood Organization Process that will keep you on track.

If you haven’t been able to make the progress you’d like on your own readiness, or if you want to help your whole mobilehome park community get better prepared, jump-start the action by getting Emergency Preparedness for Mobilehome Communities and its companion —  THE WORKBOOK . Everything you are likely to need to know is in the guides themselves or in the lists of resources.

Here are direct links to both books at Amazon:
Emergency Preparedness for Mobilehome Communities
Emergency Preparedness for Mobilehome Communities — THE WORKBOOK

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. And be sure to let me know how it is working for you — and please write a review at Amazon if you can. The more reviews, the more we’ll be able to spread the word about preparedness.