Keeping CERT Team Interested!


How do you keep your team interested and inspired? How do you keep YOURSELF inspired to be prepared, learn more, share more?

Here are three resources that work for us: online webinars, group training, and – a team newsletter or blog!

Webinar for training* Online webinars

Can you take an hour out of this coming week to attend what is sure to be a top-notch webinar aimed at business preparedness? It takes place Thursday, January 23, at 2 p.m., EST. The sponsor is Agility Recovery. I have reviewed their materials, and participated in a couple of their webinars in the past. Excellent, professional, filled with good info. The topic this Thursday: A Look Back at Disasters 2013.

Sign up to attend:

* Group training

Last week our local CERT graduates were “treated” to an excellent presentation of First Responder safety around downed power lines and gas leaks. The speakers were reps from our local utility companies (Southern California Edison and The Gas Company), and the presentation itself was for professionals and not the often-watered-down stuff you get for “civilians!” We are making changes in the guidelines for our Block Captains.

Need a speaker? Call your local utility. Demand that they send someone knowledgeable, not just the usual PR person!

* Website

Not everybody needs a website, of course. But having a blog, or even a regular e-newsletter, keeps you out there looking for fresh and interesting new information.

Determined to keep your team members on their toes? Start a newsletter! Ask team members to each submit one article, one link, one photo – and you’ll have a great start.

So much of preparedness is simply awareness. You can help keep it top of mind for your team with just a little effort!

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