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Do you have a blog of your own?

If so, you know that coming up with new and interesting information takes some effort. Of course, I keep a swipe file of articles, quotes, various tidbits of craziness that I use for inspiration. Lately, I’ve found some great online resources that I wanted to mention today.

LinkedIn Group Top Contributor Virginia NicolsGoogle Alerts as Blog Resources

In past Advisories, I’ve talked about my Google Alerts. I have one for “Emergency Preparedness” and “Emergency Planning” and get 10-12 articles daily on each. Most are standard announcements (who, what, where, when) announcing a preparedness fair or the test of an emergency plan in some facility. Today’s Alerts mention tests in airports, a test for security in a hotel, and for fire in a warehouse.

LinkedIn Groups as Blog Resources

Over the past month I’ve also become active in several LinkedIn groups, in particular, one for Emergency Preparedness Consultants/Trainers.  (The group”s page is shown in the image, above.) Themes discussed by members of the group have included:

  • Planning for vulnerable members of the community (people in wheelchairs, hard of hearing, seniors, children)
  • How to handle and train live “victims” when planning a field exercise (see the headline in the image, above)
  • If and how to include humor in training exercises

Further, the group shares about various in-depth studies taking place. For example, these people asked for input:

  • What areas in the U.S. DON’T use 9-1-1 to call emergency services? Posed by Paul Myers, PhD, CEM Director, Emergency Preparedness @ Save the Children, US
  • Potential grant opportunities for emergency preparedness education. Brought up by Karen Elliott, Alternative Energy and Emergency Preparedness Traveling Exhibit and Activity Program
  • Examples of Warming Center SOPs (“Standard Operating Procedures”), Requested by Steven Maynard, MA, AEM, CHS III, Emergency Planner at City of Fairfax

And your point is?

What I wanted to share is the fact that there’s a lot of great activity taking place across the country aimed at doing just what Emergency Plan Guide wants to do:

Raise awareness and the level of preparedness so more of us will survive in a disaster.

This one LinkedIn group alone has 4,455 members! If you have questions, or something to add, I recommend you join in the discussion. It’s  fun and rewarding.

Virginia Nicols
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

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