Dear Dedicated Leader,

Ever asked yourself this question?

“How do I keep people interested?!”

Of course you have.

Here in California we are always thrilled when we get a small earthquake – not enough to cause any damage, but enough to jolt people awake for a few more weeks!

Every community has its unique challenges. We hear from group leaders who struggle with . . .

  • Mostly rental neighborhoods where there’s a lot of turnover
  • Neighborhoods where English is just one of the languages people speak
  • Gated communities where neighbors are physically cut off from one another

And here, in our senior community, the fact of life is that neighbors age, losing their ability to participate like they used to. For all of us,

Recruiting volunteers is an ongoing challenge.

So here are two resources that we hope you’ll find useful.

How to recruit volunteers
Proven practices!
  1. First, a one-page list of tried and true recruiting practices, with adjustments for the emergency preparedness scene. Click here to get the list of 17 proven ways for HOW TO RECRUIT VOLUNTEERS. Feel free to share it with your team.
  2. Second, if you haven’t yet, sign up to get a WEEKLY ADVISORY at the bottom of this page. Each Advisory explores some aspect of preparedness that you can use as fodder for a team discussion, and some of them are just like Lesson Plans for a meeting.

We are dedicated to sharing this information as widely as possible because we believe it’s your neighbors who represent your best source of help in an emergency.

The more THEY know, the better.

Thanks for all you are doing to spread the word.

Joe and Virginia
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

Oh, and if you have some great recruiting ideas to share, please do so!

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