How complete is your Business Contingency Plan? Does it need another look as you re-open?

Checklist for Business Contingency Plan

Our updated 20-point checklist is for business owners (or concerned employees!) who want to be sure their own contingency plan addresses items like these:

  • What new research should go into building our plan?
  • How to set priorities for resuming work after a stoppage?
  • Who is responsible for what in an emergency — and who will be BACKUP if that person is missing?
  • What supplies should we invest in?
  • Are there new legal issues we need to be concerned about?

The checklist is not a plan in itself.

Rather, it’s a handy tool you can use to evaluate the state of the Business Contingency Planning at YOUR business. Three pages of notes give you more perspective on some of the items, particularly new ones.

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Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team