If you don’t have an emergency response plan for your business, odds are that if you are hit by a disaster,

Your doors will close — and NEVER reopen. 

Employees, customers and suppliers will be impacted — and unhappy at the very best.  You could even imagine a legal disaster coming right after the natural one!

Change the odds to be in your favor and in the favor of ALL your employees by getting started on a simple emergency response or business continuation plan.

Our popular workbook, Simple Business Continuation Plan has been UPDATED for 2017. 

Simple Business Continuation Plan 

 This free report will give you guidance in a number of areas.

Some examples of what the report covers:

  • When building a Plan, what work to do in-house, and when to hire a consultant.
  • How to find the leaders within your organization. (Hint — they’re not likely to be among management!)
  • The one essential element that most plans skim over or ignore altogether.
  • Where to find qualified, free resources for building your plan.


Ready to get started? Just let us know below where to send the report.