Power Outage On Its Way


“Have you heard? We’re expecting a power outage tomorrow night!”

That is, some of my neighbors have received notification. Some have heard nothing from the utility company — and that includes me.

Notifications are good. But the fact is, it pays to be ready at any time. With temperatures heating up for the summer, more people will be using air conditioning. Too much pressure on the system and it could shut down.

Like, what happened Saturday night in New York? Now THAT was massive. And dangerous.

Your local power outage doesn’t have to be dangerous as long as you are ready. Here are some quick DOs and DONTs as reminders.

Use as little electricity as you can when it’s hot. In fact, you can head to a cooling center and save on your own electricity. Just check with your local city office for locations.

If you have warning a power outage on its way . . .

  1. DON’T leave the house if you are using appliances like your washing machine. What if the power goes out mid-cycle? A wet mess!!!
  2. DON’T open the refrigerator if the power goes out. Dig out some snacks and make do.
  3. DON’T pick up the phone and call your family to let them know. The phone probably won’t work anyway – unless it’s a cell phone.
  4. DO have a pair of sturdy slip-on shoes next to the bed, with a flashlight right there too, so you can get up safely in the dark.
  5. DO store some extra water – for your pet, too.
  6. DO have some emergency lighting. I like the night lights we have that go on automatically when the power goes out.
  7. DO remain calm. A power outage is not a disaster. It’s probably not even an emergency.

If you’re ready for it, a power outage is nothing more than an inconvenience!

(P.S. Please tell your nervous neighbors this. You may want to run down the list of reminders with them.)

Talk to you soon — as long as the power stays on!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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