Preppers See Disarray and Disaster


Preppers See DisasterDo Doomsday Preppers know something we don’t?

Here at Emergency Plan Guide we’re focused on the common sense approach to surviving everyday risks, mostly posed by natural disasters. Our attitude toward solar sunbursts, giant comets and invasions of aliens is about the same as toward zombie wars or an armed revolution . . . largely the stuff of fiction or advanced stages of paranoia.

The Baby Boomer Threat

I came across some information over the weekend that is giving me pause. By way of background, I was doing some research for a job search article that focused on some issues of real concern:

  • the exploding retirement rate for “baby boomers” (10,000 people per day are reaching age 65)
  • long-term unemployment and
  • the widening wealth gap.

Among the resources I uncovered is an article by multi-millionaire Nick Hanauer, one of the original investors in, who foresees a scenario – very real potential – for a major revolt or uprising.

Billionaire Hanauer is Pushing the Alarm Button

The Politico article, The Pitchforks Are Coming . . . For Us Plutocrats  ( warns that “no society can sustain this kind of rising inequality.” Hanauer anticipates a very real possibility for an uprising and America becoming a police state.

“The divide between the haves and have-nots is getting worse really, really fast.”

Hanauer appeals to his fellow oligarchs to set about helping to fix the situation before it’s too late.

Where do you stand?

When I also look at the declining real opportunities for young people coming out of school, combined with the avalanche of retirees whose savings and investments (if they have any) will not sustain them through an extended lifespan, I’m not so sure we are immune from such a dire scenario. I’m not ready to join the Preppers. At least not yet. But I recommend you read this article to see how it strikes you. Let us know your thoughts.

Joseph Krueger
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

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