Do you see threats everywhere?

woman covers face, sees threats everywhere
Threats everywhere?

I find myself muttering this question under my breath when I hear neighbors complaining about how long it’s taking for the power to come back on even after a scheduled, temporary blackout!

I ask the question of myself from time to time, mostly when I don’t want to try something physical I would have been perfectly willing to try a few years back. (I asked it about 5 times before I agreed to go skydiving with my daughter in 2018!)

Then, when I saw the quote below, it really struck home. It comes from a report from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Like many things scientific, you have to read it twice to get the full import.

 “. . .when we run out of legitimate threats to face, we begin to call things that we judged to be harmless in the past as now a threat.”

So yes, the quote itself feels a bit complicated. I tried summing it up this way:

“Are you becoming a wimp?

If either of these quotes strikes a chord, you are going to really appreciate a recent post written by LaRae Quy: How to be resilient when times get tough.

It’s long, it’s inspiring – and it has some very specific recommendations. . . all designed to KEEP YOU — and perhaps your neighbors — FROM SEEING THREATS EVERYWHERE.

Enjoy! And let us know what you came away with!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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