What’s the state of preparedness where you work?

Emergency Preparedness for Small Business - The WORKBOOK

As a regular reader here, we figure you are making decisions at home about how prepared you want to be for a disaster. But what about emergency preparedness where you work?

Questions for your small business:

  • Is there any awareness of emergency preparedness at your workplace?
  • Does the company have a disaster plan?
  • Are you clear about what YOU would be expected to do in an emergency?

I hate to say it, but if you work in a business with fewer than 500 employees — and about 60% of people do — the chances are that the answer to all three of the questions above is, “NO.”

Statistics say I’m right, and if I am, the chances of your small business surviving a big disaster are less than 50%. That’s right. In a disaster your building could be destroyed. You might lose friends who could otherwise have been saved. And you would almost certainly lose your job – probably forever.

We’ve all seen it happen over and over again in just the last couple of years!

This is the situation we’re trying to improve.

You know about the book we published last year, Emergency Preparedness for Small Business. That book is a compact overview of everything that goes into a useful, workable plan for a small business. Like all our books, it offers many options and examples to make its points, and lists further resources, too. And it stresses working with all members of the community, not just the business in isolation.

Now we’ve added a companion volume: Emergency Preparedness for Small Business – THE WORKBOOK.

Together, these books are meant to make it easier for a team to identify essential info about the business and turn it into an actual, written Emergency Plan with the goal of small business survival!

Here’s a description of THE WORKBOOK from its back cover:

“In fewer than 50 pages, Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols take you and your team step-by-step through the process of building a plan for small business survival. Here’s what to expect:

  • Readable. Written by and for business people, not planning professionals. Not a lot of buzzwords!
  • Complete. Works together with the book, giving you everything you need.
  • Easy. User-friendly worksheets — full page 8 1/2″ x 11″ — make it easy to adapt answers to your particular business.
  • Practical. Use the “secret weapon” file folders to collect everything.
  • Personal. Capture experience and know-how of your own employees.
  • Customized. Get input from your existing professional advisers (CPA, banker, insurance agent, lawyer); use a consultant to review the draft.
  • Effective. Follow suggestions to assemble, test and update “the Plan.”

Get both the book and THE WORKBOOK at Amazon for less than a total of $25.

If your business doesn’t have a plan, or your plan needs an update, you can get these books, get a team set up, and get going on your plan. You’re worth better survival odds than 50%!

Virginia & Joe
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

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