Smoke from under the hood


It started with a hot smell and smoke from under the hood.

Over the past 2 weeks we’ve had serious trouble with our car. (That’s what kept me from writing yesterday’s Advisory.) It all started with a hot smell and suspicious puffs of smoke from under the hood, followed by a big leak SPLAT onto the driveway.

I don’t want to go into it all. But we had a huge repair bill following hours and days spent peering at hard-to-recognize engine parts, calling towing services, hanging around in repair shops, transferring stuff into rental cars, signing contracts for loaner vehicles, you get the picture.

As of today, the car seems to be working OK. I am not holding my breath because it’s too hot to hold your breath, but I am still alert to every hick-up, stray sound, new odor and any smoke from under the hood.

Which brings me to today’s Advisory.

Now, be alert!

Change of direction!

We are no longer talking about a breakdown.

We’re switching to a popular SCAM that involves white smoke from under the hood!

I think it’s worth taking 1o minutes to learn more from the video below. After all, this is a scam that could create an emergency and could actually turn into a financial disaster for the people who fall for it.

(This video takes about 10 minutes to watch. You may have to click to get past an ad or two. And don’t waste your time reading any of the comments, which are inane.)

The white envelope on the seat notwithstanding, it’s the white smoke that caught my eye in this video. . . Watch for it.

The more we all know about all the types of scams out there, the safer we all will be.

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

Day 27 of Summer Vacation: A time for some shorter and lighter Advisories as a welcome change-of-pace!

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