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Summertime – Not the time to be lazy with security at work

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I’ve written in the past about good procedures to have in place for the front entrance of your place of business. Security at work suggestions include a controlled entrance, good visibility, good lighting, etc.

Because it’s summer, though, it’s so easy to relax your procedures. People arrive in casual clothing. Family members from out of town come to visit. Your business may host picnics or other summer activities attracting many different people.

Why can’t we relax our security at work during the summer?

Consider some of the underlying reasons for focusing on security all the time.

  • First, to avoid distraction or unnecessary accidents.
  • Second, to discourage theft, sabotage, or violence.
  • Third, to uphold legal requirements for security and confidentiality.

Let’s take a look at just one aspect of security at work: VISITORS.

Do you have an appropriate procedure to welcome, identify and track visitors? Are you following your procedure during these casual summer months? How would you answer these questions about visitors at your workplace?

  1. Are all your visitors required to sign in and get a visitor badge? Does this include employee family members, employees coming in during off hours, former employees, and temporary employees? What about contractors and suppliers? Do visitors sign out, too?
  2. Should visitors be accompanied in your building? By whom?
  3. Should certain areas of your workplace labeled as “off limits” for safety, confidentiality, etc.?
  4. What should employees do if they see un-badged or unaccompanied visitors? Strangers in the “off limits” areas?
  5. In an emergency, who is responsible for tracking the whereabouts of visitors. Can you be sure they all make it out safely?

Is this all we have to consider when it comes to visitors?

This isn’t everything you’d want to look at in building a true visitor management program. (Here’s an article that lists the top 5 visitor management programs for 2019. You may find them far too complicated for your needs — but they will open your eyes to the possibilities!)

Regardless, you can bring up the issue in the coffee room or at a staff meeting. Use these questions to get the conversation going. See what suggestions or push-back you get from co-workers.

Whatever the results, you will all become more aware – and some important changes might be made.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy — and therefore it is the perfect time to revisit security at work!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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