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How do YOU shop for the holidays?


holiday gift

Have you succumbed to the excitement of Black Friday?

Whether yes, or no,  how do you compare to other Americans when you shop for the holidays?

  • According to accounting firm Deloitte, 50% of last year’s holiday shoppers said they prefer shopping online to going into a brick and mortar store. Which do you prefer?
  • And although this is supposed to be the time to shop for the holidays (i.e., gifts for others), apparently much of the early spending is on things people want for themselves rather than what they’re buying for others. What’s on your personal list?

Do you shop for holiday gifts with a purpose?

Here at Emergency Plan Guide our major focus isn’t on selling things, but we we definitely believe in gifts.  That’s because . . .

We see gifts as a way to introduce more people to the importance of being prepared for emergencies.

So, following national trends, we take a few days – and particularly at this time of year! — to aim you toward some online purchases to emphasize the value of preparedness . . .

  • For family members
  • For employees or workplace colleagues
  • For yourself!

Let our Top Ten Lists help you shop for the holidays!

Last week we updated our TOP TEN lists to some of the latest best-sellers in the category of Survival Starter Gifts and also in the category of Exclusive Preparedness Gifts. Two different lists, two different price ranges, two different PURPOSES!

If you haven’t yet, please check them out!  Join in the holiday buying tradition!

And we also are pleased to introduce a whole new online source of interesting and inspiring items –a new website!

Announcing  — a new resource for shopping!

Over the years you’ve seen that we are eager, always curious readers. We go in depth into many topics to be sure we understand the whole science behind it. At the same time, we also enjoy not-so-formal articles and books, and we often include links to them.

Every once in a while we come across a book that is just too good to own and not share!  That’s what started EmergencyPreparednessBooks.com

Spread the word about preparedness

On the site we review books that we’ve enjoyed and books we think are essential for your library.

  • We add a new book every once in a while – you’ll see them under “Latest Additions.”
  • We also have a section with ideas for using books to “Help us spread the word” about preparedness. This section is written in particular for people belonging to neighborhood groups or who are part of a business where preparedness plays a role — or SHOULD play a role!

I invite you to find a few moments to browse through the website, read some of the reviews, learn more about why we created the site, and see if any of these ideas or these books fit your list as you shop for the holidays!

And I welcome any comments or recommendations YOU have for great, inspiring, engaging, educational, exciting or fun books YOU would like us to add to our list for your fellow readers!

Here’s the link to the new site. You’ll recognize it as looking just like the image above!

Thanks – and happy shopping!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team