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Feeling threatened by violence?

Threatening hand

Have you noticed a change in online commentary from preppers and survivalists? I am seeing more stories that show writers feeling threatened by violence.

Bloggers who used to write about uses for duct tape are sending out repeated posts about stockpiling emergency supplies. I am getting promotions for guns (“add a red dot laser scope”), specialty ammunition and last week, “the knife assassins love.” (What?!) One of my favorite writers has been telling readers about searching for an additional bug-out location for his family.

I’ll admit to more concern for my own personal safety since the violence of January 6. And while I’m not ready to start actively promoting lethal weapons here at Emergency Plan Guide, I have considered and bought for myself a couple new, inexpensive products for self-defense. That’s what I’m discussing today.

All of these products are meant to be used BEFORE you get close enough to be touched by an assailant!

Don’t be caught empty-handed when you are feeling threatened.

Here’s a look at the self-defense items I now have, and why and when I want to have them with me.

OMG, threatened by a pack of coyotes . . .!

No, I don’t mean the human kind! You’ll recall that last week I mentioned that coyotes might be a danger to children walking to school. Well, I personally wouldn’t worry about one skinny coyote. But I sure would get animated if I looked up and suddenly there were 3 or 4 of them waiting for me!

In past years, I took my evening walk with an empty soda can in my pocket, filled with a few coins. Makes a great rattle that scares coyotes away. Turns out that coyotes get used to just one hazing method, so it’s good to have several! (If you’re worried about coyotes in your own neighborhood, you can get some good hazing info at the Humane Society.)

orange plastic emergency whistle as call for help when feeling threatened

So nowadays I’ve added my orange emergency whistle as a hazing device. You may have read how our neighborhood emergency group delivered an emergency whistle to every one of our neighbors! People really like them. Because they are flat, they tuck into your shirt and can be easily pulled out when needed — to call for help or scare off coyotes.

Scary dudes on the street in your own neighborhood

We’re hearing all kinds of stories of single women being hassled or threatened in parking lots. Sometimes the hasslers stay in their cars, other times they hide between cars. These incidents take place at all hours.

I am NOT interested in dealing with a potential threat when I’m carrying groceries, getting ready to open the trunk of the car, etc. So here’s my latest purchase – a Rechargeable-Self-Defense-Keychain-Alarm.

Keychain alarm with flashlight warns against threat
Chose from a variety of colors.
How to recharge the key-chain alarm

I got this three-pack from WETEN at Amazon, where we are associates. The alarm is small and smooth, and comes with a short cable for recharging. You press the button or pull the chain and the alarm goes off – at 130 decibels. Plus the white end is a handy flashlight – steady or blinking LED.

The photo shows how I used a nail file to pry open the little black cover so I could connect the cable to recharge the alarm.

Here’s the link to the alarm again. You might consider buying up a whole collection of these alarms in different colors. Pass them out to your children, family members at Thanksgiving dinner, etc. Easy to attach to key chain, strap of backpack, etc.

When a crowd turns ugly

I’ve written before about using pepper spray in a crowd situation. I like the Sabre red-topped spray I have, but today I’d like to show you a sprayer that uses GEL instead of spray.

can of Sabre Pepper Gel for self-defense when feeling threatened

The advantages of gel: it stays in a stream rather than dispersing as a spray. This allows you to focus on a particular target. This particular model shoots a full 18 feet and can deliver up to 18 bursts. (According to Alcohol Rehab, crime data shows that around 40% of violent crimes are committed by people under the influence of alcohol – so they may not respond with just one blast.)

This canister also has a sturdy clip to go over a belt. Safety flip-top. Bonus from SABRE — some excellent videos. Here’s the link to this Sabre Crossfire Pepper Gel.

Potential threat at the front door

This spray is another step up when it comes to power and effectiveness. It’s actually a pepper gel that contains a dye to help you see where it’s landing. The canister is about the size of a slim bottle of hair spray. You pull the safety pin and squeeze the handle to shoot the spray up to 35 feet – twice the range of the one-hand Sabre spray described above.

Here’s the link for full details at Amazon. AIMHUNTER Home Self Defense Unit, Tactical Pepper Gel with Ultraviolet Dye, Maximum Strength 35-Foot Range 35 Bursts, Quick Release for Easy Access Pepper Spray Self Defense. I hope you’d consider storing this canister right at the front door so it’s within easy reach if you’re ever feeling threatened.

If you’re feeling threatened, you want some protection.

These four self-defense items are meant to discourage an attacker before he comes near enough to touch you. They aren’t life-threatening, but they aren’t toys, either. Please read the disclaimers below in the P.S. before you finalize your purchases.

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. Two disclaimers:

  • Your state may restrict purchases of pepper spray by size of the container and age of the purchaser. (In California you can get it at age 16 with parental permission.) Check to be sure.
  • Don’t use the sprays without having studied how to use them! There are plenty of videos available (see the Sabre sales material) about how the spray and gel travel and how to protect yourself from blow-back.