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Safe at a Summer Event


A couple of years ago I participated in a “Blog Post Challenge.”  The idea was to exercise your writing muscle by posting frequent short articles rather than spaced out long ones. It feels to me that a replay might be a good idea. I mean, how else can we keep up with all that’s going on? So, here’s Summer Post #1, perfect for the first week of June: What’s your plan to be safe at a summer event?

Strolling through summer fair

Be Safe at a Summer Event

Heading for a local summer concert? A track meet? Golf championship? Fight night? County fair? Whatever your taste in big events, it’s worth reviewing what professionals recommend for keeping you and your family safer in these large-scale settings. (Download this Summer Event Checklist here.)


Of course, you may have planned this event for a while. But what about today: are there storms on the way? Possibility of rain? Power outage? Bring what you need to be comfortable.


If this event has been held before, has it been associated with any particular incidents that might happen again – like a protest, or a fight between fans, excessive drug or alcohol use? 


Will attendees be monitored? Will size of crowd be limited? Are you familiar with the location – for example, where best to park, location of food, restrooms? Areas where visitors aren’t allowed? Note all the exits from the venue. Take a look at a floor plan and/or map to identify exits and surrounding streets as possible alternates to the way you came in.


Will you need an official ID? Will your carry-in bags be inspected? What about security – uniformed? Where located? Who is in charge? Is there a medical or first aid center for the venue? A few judicious questions will give you a much better idea of what’s going on behind the scenes. Don’s hesitate to ask.

Food, beverages, and alcohol

What about safe food handling procedures? What about an alcohol policy? Plans for managing people who have had too much?

Your own family

If you have young children, do they know what to do if they get separated from parents? Are there accommodations for family members with disabilities? In an emergency, what’s your family plan for getting out and getting reunified? Do you all know where your car is parked???

The Safe at a Summer Event Checklist is just that – a general checklist that could apply to any event. If event security is really on your mind, here’s a second and far more comprehensive resource that addresses safety in specific settings. You could use it for yourself and also if you are part of a planning committee!

“What’s Your Plan?”

James A. DeMeo has written What’s Your Plan. He’s had a full career focused on security and law enforcement in both public and private sectors – and the table of contents of his book, below, shows exactly why I am including it here in this discussion of safety at summer events :

Do you ever attend events in venues listed above? Then grab this book. Read the appropriate chapter/s, if not the whole thing. Just as important, share with family and friends. Click on the image below to get the book at Amazon where we are Associates. (Even fuller disclosure: I don’t know Mr. DeMeo personally but I have exchanged messages several times with him on LinkedIn!)

Know more. Be more aware. Have a great and safe time at your summer events.

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. Again, you can download the PDF of the checklist right here. Make copies to share with friends and family.