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Keep Safe at Summer Events


Fourth of July activities may be over, but there are plenty more fun summer events coming up. Do you have plans to go to an evening concert? The county fair? A big sporting event? How about a major family get-together?

Attending any large public gathering these days isn’t without some risk. Here’s a quick checklist to review before you head out:

  1. Know the venue. Where is parking? Where are entrances and exits, and not just the ones you plan to use. Take a look at the map before you arrive, and check conditions once you are inside. Point out exits to your kids.
  2. Where is help if you need it? Take a moment to identify the location of security personnel, lifeguards or first aid stations.
  3. Be smart about what you wear and carry at public summer events. Don’t carry a lot of stuff! Discourage pickpockets or thieves by wearing a zippered cross-body purse. Keep your wallet in your front pocket. And real shoes are a whole lot safer than flip-flops in an emergency.
  4. Stay in contact with family members. (You may want to all wear the same brightly-colored T-shirts!) This may be a perfect opportunity for you to try out the walkie-talkies you just bought. And be sure to have a place to meet if you get separated.
  5. Keep your phone charged and on. Program your phone to vibrate as well as ring. Check for social media alerts about the event.

Finally, if you feel that something “just isn’t right” – like crowds are screaming and shoving, you see people running where you wouldn’t expect it, you hear noises you can’t identify – trust your gut instinct. Get out by the nearest exit.

You can always get back in when things calm down.

Summer is meant for fun. Be safe and the fun will take care of itself!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

Day 13 of Summer Vacation: A time for some shorter and lighter Advisories as a welcome change-of-pace!