Here are some of the nice things people are saying about  and The Neighborhood Disaster Survival Series . . .!


“I just want to tell you how fabulous and helpful your written material is and thank you for all the effort you are making to keep us all safe, no matter what.”  Elizabeth F., Dearborn, MI

“You may have saved lives emailing people about this video.” Mary W., La Verne, CA

“Thank you so much for all your time and effort to produce your advisories and offer them to the public on your website.”  Judie S. Arcata, CA

 “ . . . reminding us that disaster planning doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.”
Amazon Review

“I felt like she was sitting across from me having a cup of tea as we discussed the needs, the strategies, and the guidelines to being prepared and having a team with whom to do it.”  Amazon Review

 “Helpful to any community trying to add a new committee or a new activity designed to pull the people together.” Amazon Review

“Approach is warm and conversational, but the content is amazingly thorough and comprehensive.”  Amazon Review

“Manages to convey the seriousness of the topic without trying to frighten the reader” Amazon Review

 “I found that the advice penned for residents . . .  should be made mandatory reading for the staff as well.” “Amazon Review

“We have already implemented some of the suggestions in the book with great results!” Amazon Review

“We have a small commercial district and this looks like a great tool to open a conversation with them.” Ann P., Vancouver, BC

“ . . .your awesome water bottle idea! It just seems like the perfect ice-breaker for renewing contact with residents and encouraging self-sufficiency in our neighborhood!”  Bernie J., North Florida

“We find the articles that we can pass on to the community the most useful.” Lamorinda CERT, CA

“I appreciate your product reviews and hints and tips on how to get others involved in emergency planning. “ Paula B., Seattle WA


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Thanks to all these readers, and to the countless others who have added comments along the way — even the skeptical ones!  Your words help keep us going!

Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols

Virginia and Joe
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team