Why do I write?

Why do I write? To have an armful of my own books, of course!

Today I put final touches on a book I am writing with my partner, Joe. It’s about professional marketing for accountants.

(The challenge of writing as co-authors is certainly worth a blog post at some point. Actually, it’s probably worth a whole book. I wonder what category it would fall into. Humor? Horror? Action & Adventure? We’ve been together for more than 35 years, so maybe the category should be History & Criticism?  Whatever. . .!)

Anyway, I thought that today, in honor of having reached the half-way point of our summer writing challenge, I’d write in answer to the question,

“Why do you keep writing about Emergency Preparedness?”

  • I do it because I can. I have access to a computer, to the internet, and time. I love words. Not everyone has these luxuries.
  • I do it because I like feeling that I’m helping others. Nice people keep writing to thank me for helping . . . and, of course, that keeps me going!
  • I do it because I made the commitment a long time ago to write at least a weekly Advisory (post) about a new topic associated with emergency preparedness. (My daughter tells me I am indiscriminately curious.) After well over 400 Advisories I’ve learned a whole lot about a whole lot of stuff!
  • I like knowing I’m a “published author.” There’s still some cachet to that – in certain circles, at least!
  • I see other people writing and that reminds me, “I can do that, too!”

Perhaps one day I’ll branch out into yet another field. In the meanwhile,

I have five books on Emergency Preparedness on Amazon.

The first 3 books were for people wanting to get more of their neighbors involved in being prepared. (These books got finished at the same time. The picture shows me on the day samples arrived!) The 4th book extended that to helping small businesses be ready for emergencies. The 5th book was the collection of meeting ideas for all those groups being formed . . . and happily, that’s the book that’s sold the most copies!

You can see all of them at my Author Page at Amazon. Here’s the link: amazon.com/author/virginiasnicols I hope to have at least two more emergency preparedness titles appearing there this year!

Have you written a book? Several? Why do YOU write? Interested readers would like to know! We are, after all, a special category.

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

Day 15 of Summer Vacation: A time for some shorter and lighter Advisories as a welcome change-of-pace!

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