Workplace Preparedness Planning


In our last post we talked about the importance of making sure employees have an out-of-region emergency contact person so they can find out what is happening to other family members.  When employees know family members are safe, they can turn their attention to the business.

Naturally, having a plan will help employees take action promptly and effectively.

Poster: Seven Steps to Workplace Preparedness

Basic planning can save lives and save your job.

Seven Steps to Workplace Preparedness

Even if you are not the employer, you can take the responsibility to organize your workplace. This action can save lives as well as save the business – and your income.

We have developed a one-page poster to help you get started. It is designed to raise awareness and start conversations about workplace survival. Share it with your co-workers, hang it in the break room or bathroom. Make copies — and get started on a plan.

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