How prepared are you . . . really?

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Special welcome to our new visitors — from the recent RBN Expo and from our local social network, NextDoor.

You’re here because something has triggered a sense of concern.  Can we help?  Here are the two beliefs that drive this site.

1.  We face a continuing risk of disaster.

We believe there’s a continuing risk from disaster, natural and man-made.  Anything can happen, and someday will.

Home fire

7 people die in a home fire EVERY DAY!

2.  In a real emergency, local authorities will be overwhelmed.

In keeping with our goal to offer practical, simple and proven steps you can take to improve your chances, we focus on three areas:




Each area has its own page here at Emergency Plan Guide. Click on the link above and you’ll go there directly.

Each area also has its own articles. Click on the BUILD YOUR SURVIVAL SKILLS listing in the sidebar, to the right, to see many past posts about the topic. (Working with a local CERT or neighborhood preparedness group? Click on Neighborhood.)

Survival in all three arenas depends on you and other family members, or co-workers, taking care of some basics.

If you spend a few minutes on the site, you’ll see that we continually add short reports, dealing with these basics.  We call them ADVISORIES.  Sometimes they deal with actual experiences we’ve had and other times they go into detail about important emergency resources we are made aware of.  Some of the recent and most popular:

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If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are always tuned in to Emergency Planning!

Joseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols

Joseph Krueger and Virginia Nicols. Your Emergency Plan Guide Team