Coronavirus memo for your neighbors

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Dear Emergency Plan Guide Friend,

Normally I try to make my Advisories as comprehensive as possible, adding information that may be new or at least different about various aspects of preparedness. It’s a challenge and usually rather fun!

This week is different. I have spent the last couple of days trying to keep up with the coronavirus — which is new to ALL of us. I’ve been answering questions from neighbors. (Some of those questions were really off the wall!)

Then today I was asked to write a simple memo that would give everyone in our community some basic facts and some sensible recommendations we could all agree with. That memo is the basis for this Advisory.

I expect that you already know everything in this coronavirus memo.

But your neighbors may not! So here are my recommendations:

  1. Download a copy of my memo. It is a 4-page Word document written in a big font and very simple language. Here’s the link.
  2. Make changes to customize it for YOUR neighbors or your family.*
  3. Pass it along or duplicate and pass it out to everyone on your block.

This isn’t the last we’ve heard about this rapidly expanding disease. I don’t know when we’ll want to address the topic again. But I felt obligated to share as best I can — and I’m counting on you to spread the word more widely.

The more everyone knows, the safer we all will be!

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. I make reference in the coronavirus memo to a basic list of emergency supplies for sheltering in place. I assume you already have such a list but if you want to use ours as a starter, here’s a link to it.

* When I think about “customizing” the coronavirus memo, I think about adding a logo or picture to the cover, putting references in the body of the memo to your neighborhood or town, and adding a signature and phone number on the last page. Make it yours!

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