Getting the Word Out!


Dear Loyal Subscriber,

Each week, when I sit down to send out a new Advisory, I picture you, my loyal subscriber, waiting eagerly for the message to arrive.

Maybe I’m fooling myself about the “eagerly,” but it’s a great pleasure to know that there are people out there who care about emergency preparedness enough to follow at least one person’s learning curve!

This week I tried something different in an attempt to get the word out.

I put up two Emergency Plan Guide videos on YouTube!

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Why go to the effort?

On the one hand, I thought this would be an opportunity for me to figure out just “How to Turn a Power Point Presentation into a Video.”

I’ve used Power Point for years to create business presentations, training materials, and one-page flyers. This seemed like the next logical step. As you can imagine, it wasn’t without some effort – but I figured it out!

The second reason I made the videos was because I want to have more ways of getting the word out to the 50% of the world that has done no planning! I’m thinking, since everybody else is using video, maybe it will work for us, too.

So here are my videos. Not perfect, but workable! (I still have to master the timing of the voice-over and the slide turning . . .) Please check them out. Feel free to comment either here or on YouTube. And send me ideas for more of them, or direct me to YOUR videos. I’ll be happy to share!


Your Emergency Plan Guide team


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