Nine Hazard Signs — A Quiz


What does that sign mean?

Think you’re pretty aware?  I’ll bet you’ve seen many, many danger signs, whether in “real life,” on the pages of a magazine or on a movie or computer screen.

But do you REALLY know what the signs are warning about?

Use the quiz below to refresh your memory. Share the quiz with your family at dinner, with your colleagues at work. Use it to start a discussion of what dangers might be present in your local neighborhood or in your region – dangers you really don’t think about.

Match the description to the sign!

We’re starting with the easiest ones first!  (Answers are below the images.)

Danger Signs

Danger Signs

Danger Signs



And the answers:

  1. Trip Hazard
  2. Alligators in the neighborhood!
  3. Don’t drink the water

OK, now it’s on to the REAL signs . . .

  1. Laser Beam
  2. Radiation or electromagnetic waves
  3. Biohazard, contaminated or infectious materials
  4. Blasting – watch for more signage or a guard
  5. Health hazard
  6. Do not microwave your head (Thanks to Dan Wolfe!)

Of course, the image at the very top of this Advisory indicates POISON.

What other signs do you see regularly that warn of danger in your environment?

Action item:  Test your family and neighbors using this article!  It will be a great conversation starter!

Your Emergency Plan Guide Team

P.S. Later we’ll take a look at the container placards you see on trucks. You know, the diamond shaped ones!



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