Your Pet needs you to survive an emergency!

Don’t let an emergency become a disaster for your pet.  Just like your family members, your pet needs supplies to protect it in an emergency and keep it safe and healthy.

Frightened black kitten

But just because they recognize the danger doesn’t mean they know how to protect themselves!  They are counting on you.

This comprehensive checklist reviews supplies you should have for the three most common emergency scenarios:

  • On-going safety and security
  • Shelter-in-place after an emergency
  • Evacuation

In addition, the Pet Emergency Supplies Checklist makes suggestions for the homework you need to do well before there’s ever a call for an evacuation.

Remember, your pet won’t be able to accompany you to a Red Cross shelter!

So where will your pet be safe until you can get back home?  The Kit offers suggestions for solutions you can settle on before you ever need them.

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