Of course, you value your employees!

Your employees make up your business. They are your most important asset, so naturally you want to show how much you value them.

One way is to help them prepare for emergencies. Gift for employeesYes, that’s to prepare for emergencies AT HOME!

We all know it’s just a matter of time before a disaster strikes. Certainly, 2013 has been full of extraordinary storms, hurricanes, floods and wild fires. And “the big one” is statistically just around the corner on the earthquake-prone West Coast.

When that disaster hits, your employees are going to leave work and not come back until they are assured their families are safe.

So, helping employees prepare their families for a disaster serves them, and by getting them back to work sooner, serves your business, too.

Three smart employee gift ideas for business owners

Here are three ideas for you to consider:

1. Present your employees with ready-to-go emergency survival kits.  Click the link to see our review of seven of the top performers, starting with a couple of inexpensive kits designed for one or two people for 72 hours, up to top-of the line kits for a family of four. The kits range from $39 up to $259 each, not including shipping. With this option, you’ll need to pick different versions to fit the different- sized families.

2. Develop more awareness and get employees involved in building their own, customized kits. We have designed the Build Your Custom 3-day Survival Kit purposefully to have a bigger impact than “get it and forget it.” Click the link above to see the Kit — it consists of two parts: a sturdy Backpack and, most important, a 16-page illustrated Workbook that helps your employees select the items needed and wanted for their own personal use or their families’ use. The holiday price for the kit is under $25. If you’re ready to order now, click below to go directly to Amazon to place your order. Here’s the description:

Easy, Step-by-Step Guide to Your Custom 72-hour Survival Kit, with A Backpack to Start Off With! Build Your Custom 3-Day Survival Kit; Follow Suggestions from Illustrated Workbook and Assemble Emergency Supplies You Know and Trust.

3. As mentioned before, consider using a kit as a focus for helping employees build personal emergency response plans. If you have extra budget, you could start them off with an emergency radio or a personal water filter (“Lifestraw”), viewable in our store if you click the link. Even more effective would be to add some sort of Personal Emergency Preparedness training as an employee benefit. This would give you the opportunity to make sure your business emergency response plan is up to date, too.

Whichever option you choose, it will likely be a surprise to your employees. For sure, it will be a gift that’s more personal and meaningful than any other they may have expected!

Questions? Want ideas for adding more training at work? We’re happy to respond. Just send a comment or give us a call directly:  (949) 733-3778.

Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols


Joe Krueger and Virginia Nicols
Your Emergency Plan Guide Team
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