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Severe Weather Alerts


Without being paranoid about it, you need to be aware when danger is heading your way. Some things, of course, can’t be anticipated. But tornados, storms, floods, ice – these you can be ready for! Here’s how to find out what’s coming:

Local weather channel on T.V.

Watching the local weather news is the easy option, of course. But most of us don’t have the “luxury” of having a T.V. available whenever we want.

weather map

Regional weather map on Weather.com

Severe Weather Alerts on your tablet or computer

Head to www.weather.com , find your regional map and read about what’s coming. You can bookmark this page so you can find it readily. Typing in your zip code will give you even more local detail.


This is a message service managed by your local law enforcement or emergency management service that alerts you by text message, automated phone call or email whenever there is an emergency.  (weather related, traffic emergency or crime related) You can find out if your city has the service and sign up for alerts here: http://ialert.com

Mobile Phone Hurricane App

The American Red Cross offers an app that will help you monitor conditions in your own area or where family members live, find help, and let others know you’re safe with one click of a button. It can warn you with a siren sound, and even turns your phone into a flashlight with strobe if you’re trapped. From your mobile phone, call “**REDCROSS” (**73327677) and you’ll be sent a link for downloading to your phone.

Other severe weather apps

A few minutes online and you will discover many other apps. Some of them might be sponsored by an organization right in your town, like the local news channel. Others may be offered by insurance companies or other organizations.

As you surf, you’ll see that some apps work only on specific phones. Some are free, others may cost a couple of dollars.

Action Item: If you carry a smart phone, invest a few minutes in checking out “severe weather apps” either online or right on your phone through the iTunes Store. Try a couple of the apps that make sense for your locality and your circumstances. (Get your kids to help if you haven’t downloaded an app yet.)

This is one emergency preparation action that is easy and fun!