What exactly is CERT?


CERT is in all 50 states and in over 3,000 cities. Why, there may be a chapter in YOUR town that you didn’t know about!

So what exactly is CERT?

Community Emergency Response Team training is what started Joe and me off and what continues to provide structure and support to our local neighborhood group, even though many of our volunteers have NOT completed the training. Every one of my books builds on CERT principles!

Official CERT training takes about 24 hours, stretched over several days or weeks. This 6-minute video will give you a good idea of what CERT training means to ordinary people who are looking for a way to be better prepared and to have a stronger connection to their community.

What potential dangers are YOU concerned about? What did you see in the video that you would you like to know more about? Find out about CERT in your neighborhood. Just type into your browser the name of your city or town, followed by “CERT.”

Let us know what you discover! (And if you’ve already had some experience with CERT, please give us an idea of how it went in the comments, below.)

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

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