Workbooks Make It Easier to Get Prepared For Emergencies


A year ago . . .

About a year ago, Joe and I came out with four books aimed at helping people and their communities get better prepared for emergencies. (Have you published a book? If so, you know it’s a proud moment!)

Neighborhood Disaster Survival Guide Series
I trust you’ve seen these images before!

Now, people do buy our books. (Thank you!) But here’s what we hear from too many of them . . .

“We love reading all this good information about getting prepared. But we just can’t find time to make consistent progress!”

Hmm. Joe and I are nothing if not committed! So over this past summer we worked like crazy and as a result . . .

As of this week . . .

We have added four NEW books to the shelf that are meant to make it easier to get prepared! Check out THIS image!

 Neighborhood Disaster Survival Guide Series - WORKBOOKS
(These are full-sized, 8 ½ x 11 volumes.)

Yes, to get the value, you’ll still have to read. But here’s the difference. These are WORKBOOKS!

Workbooks make it easier to get prepared.

The content of each workbook follows the flow of its companion book. The workbook actually often refers to its companion book for reminders, lists, background info, etc.

But in contrast to the books, most of the material in the workbook is presented in the form of simple questions with space for you to fill in YOUR answers!  We encourage you to doodle, draw arrows and exclamation points! Here are some examples of questions taken from the Apartment Communities version.

Questions from Emergency Preparedness for Apartment Communities - THE WORKBOOK

Who will benefit most from the workbooks?

If you find it challenging to get started, or to keep making progress, or if your group is stuck – one of the book/workbook combos may be exactly what you need to break the log-jam!

Five reasons to work your way through the workbook questions and fill in answers.

  1. Visible progress. You can see progress! (Along with using colored pens or highlighters, I recommend using a bookmark, or folding down the pages as you complete them!)
  2. No stress. There are no right answers so you won’t be intimidated.
  3. Decisions get made. As you answer questions step by step, you are actually making important decisions based on your circumstances, your family, your budget, etc.
  4. Lasting impact. By writing your answers, you are engaging not only your brain but your muscles. (We believe strongly that physically writing things down helps memory and understanding in a way that typing on a computer simply can’t. Joe often works late into the night over a yellow pad.)
  5. Compare and confirm. You can share written answers with others in your family or on your team – or compare answers if they are completing the workbook, too. They will be there as a physical record and as proof of your commitment to the process.

What’s the next step?

We invite you to consider a “package deal” (book + companion workbook) for your own household, for neighbors, your emergency response team, your church — any group of people who are looking for help to become better prepared.  

You may want to get the small business book and workbook for your own company, for your employer, for the other businesses in your association.

As you can imagine, there’s more detail on the books at Amazon. Here are the links to each of the books and workbooks. (They haven’t been up at Amazon long enough to be reliably connected with their partners!)

Be in touch!

If you have questions, drop me a line. If you purchase the books, please be kind enough to leave a review at Amazon. And,

If you are working with a community, let us know what challenges you are working on and we’ll try to address them here at Emergency Plan Guide – or create a special checklist or resource document just for you!

As I said above, Joe and I are nothing if not committed to the mission and to our emergency preparedness “tribe!”

Your Emergency Plan Guide team

P.S. We have one more book that is a sort of hybrid book/workbook. And it’s the most popular one of all! Here’s a link where you can see the entire collection!

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